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34 States including The District of Columbia have legalized medical marijuana
Ben Nunley


Meniere's disease is a disorder of the inner ear that can lead to dizzy spells (vertigo) and hearing loss. This idiopathic disease affects 1/2000 people. Currently, there are no known cures for this condition.


Ben was diagnosed with Meniere's Disease in 2002 – the same year his first daughter was born.  Initially, Ben would have 3-4 attacks per month that left him completely debilitated from vertigo, and industrialized pharmaceuticals left him feeling unbalanced. Ben decided to do extensive research on how he could control his symptoms without the harsh side effects of synthetic drugs.  As it turns out, several thousands of Americans were treating their Meniere's disease with cannabis, so Ben decided to give it a try. Over the next several weeks, Ben's condition greatly improved.


Unfortunately, members of Ben's family didn't see eye-to-eye with his decision, so they decided to let the Court of Kentucky decide whether treating his condition with cannabis would impair his ability to meet his obligations. 


Embarking upon this journey was full of trials and tribulations. At one point, the lower courts took his daughter and only allowed him supervised visits. Ben remained a healthy, highly functional adult. He knew his choice to control his disease holistically without compromising side effects was ultimately the right decision.


After a long dispute, the Kentucky Court of Appeals agreed with Ben. They granted him the right to treat his condition holistically – Currently, Ben is the only Kentuckian who has been granted legal permission to treat his disease with Medical Marijuana. It's been several years now since Ben has had a bad bout of vertigo. The Meniere's is still semi-active on rare occasions with only small bouts of dizziness.


From his experience, Ben knows there are several thousands more Kentuckians who suffer from various ailments where cannabis has been shown to suppress symptoms. For this reason, Ben continues his advocacy work to legalize medical marijuana in the state of Kentucky.

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